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ETI KROM Lays the Foundation of a Breakthrough Dust Capture and Energy Re-Generation Plant

ELAZIG, TURKEY, April 23, 2012 — Eti Krom, the ferrochrome production subsidiary of Yildirim Group of Companies, today announced they have started the construction of the main turbine control building of a power re-generation plant to be located next to Turkey’s largest ferrochrome production facility located in Elazig, Turkey. The breakthrough technologies employed at the plant will capture more than 90% of the heat generated by the ferrochrome arc furnaces and this energy will be to generate 5.5 MW of electrical energy.
During the cooling down process dust capture will also take place and the resultant effluent dust emission levels will be even lower than before. This project will facilitate the provision of a long term, environmentally sound, and energy efficient operation of ferrochrome production facilities, allowing the existing electrical burden from the grid to be abated by running on less costly and more environmentally friendly regenerated energy.
In addition, the plant will be awarded the Gold Standard according to the Kyoto protocol by realizing a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions up to 20,925 tpa and at the same time will generate 33.744.000 kWh. By realizing this huge reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, the plant will be supported according to the clean development mechanism envisioned by the Kyoto Protocol by an amount of €4 million over the next 10 years. The project provides an electrical power savings of up to €2 million per year. Hence with €30 million projected for the cost of the plant, it will pay for itself in approximately 15 years.
Yildirim Holding president Robert Yuksel YILDIRIM commented:
“Along the lines of our commitment to our environment, to our nation, and our neighbors in the area we are proud to have started the foundation of this power regeneration plant. With the recently announced government programs to promote business development in the area, we at Yildirim Holding, have accelerated our plans to invest in our established companies and this project is a testament to our commitment at this Eti Krom facility. We will continue to make investments and provide employment to our citizenry. For example, during the construction of this plant up to 230 local workers/ engineers will be employed and during the normal operation close to 30 full-time jobs will be provided.”
Commenting on this event, Yildirim Holding CEO Dr. Alp MALAZGIRT said:
“Our holding is pleased to embark on this project to improve the environmental and economic performance of our holding flagship Eti Krom ferrochrome facilities. This may be a small project but it is a sign of things to come in the energy field. We are committed to erect world-class production facilities which Elazig and Turkey will be proud of. With these investments, our ferrochrome facility emission rates will be lower than the lowest ones seen elsewhere in Europe. The excess heat will no longer be wasted and badly needed electrical power will be generated. This is a good example of Yildirim Holding`s commitments to its corporate social responsibility. I am hoping that this energy plant will demonstrate to our local and national officials and the community at large that Yildirim Holding is committed to grow and prosper with future energy investments in the area with an unprecedented corporate social responsibility summarized in the motto:
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