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Economic Tour of Turkish Businessmen in West Africa

The visit of Turkish Prime Minister, who was accompanied by an important business delegation, started in Libreville, capital of Gabon on 06th January 2013.

On the diplomatic front, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave tribute to the good relations between Gabon and Turkey and pointed out that Turkeximbank is also disposed to support Turkish businessmen for their ventures.

About three hundred (300) businessmen joined in the delegation.

Yildirim Group, represented by its President, Mr. Robert Yuksel Yildirim, who was accompanied by the holding vice president for new business development Mr. Ozer Oz, was among the Delegation with the understanding that in a worldwide economic environment where several countries have difficulties in finding growth paths, it was necessary for the Group to be present in Africa.

The growth of African population, the need in infrastructure, and in energy and the urgency to industrialize with the sustainable utilization of raw materials are the very reasons to invest in Africa.

During his stay, Mr. Yildirim had the chance to exchange his ideas with many personalities among which we have:

- Mr. Régis Immongault, the Minister of Industry and Mines. The meeting was about the involvement of Yildirim Group in the industrial Gabon Pillar, and the local enrichment and utilization of manganese ores.

Mr. Yildirim especially emphasized to the Minister that his will is to create local employment opportunities for the good of the Gabonese people including senior management chosen from the local populace. At the end of the meeting, Minister Immongault showed his satisfaction and invited Mr. Yildirim and the Yildirim Holding to make a formal bid for the Gabon Manganese which represents 25% of worldwide Manganese reserves.

- Mr. Emmanuel Biyé, the Minister in charge of Ports and Transports. At this level, it was about the privatization of High Seas National Shipping Company.

- Mr. Réténo-Ndiaye, General Manager of SOGARA, Gabon Company of Refinery, and Mr. Jean Baptiste Bikalou, both President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gabon and Chief Executive Officer of Petro-Gabon, leader in the distribution of Petroleum Products in Gabon before TOTAL Group.

At the end of this exchange, the parties showed their common interests to create a company of high seas transport of which Yildirim Group will be holding more than 51% of shares.

After a stop in Niamey, Niger, the second leg of this business trip was in Dakar, Senegal. During the sojourn, Mr. Yildirim had two important working sessions:

The working session with the President of the Senegalese Employers, Mr. Cama Mansour, and with the Chief Executive Officer of Fina Managing Holding, specialized in electricity production gas central-based, water processing and its distribution, construction and property management and agri-business helped to have a full review of the prior projects of the country such as; energy production and transport, renovation of the railroad, construction of infrastructures, etc.

At the end of this exchange, Mr. Cama suggested Yildirim Group to participate to the invitation to tender for the construction of a 50MKW-thermal station. This project is funded by the African Development Bank.

Last, the Principal Private Secretary of the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport welcomed Yildirim Group delegation. He pointed out to the two projects of capital importance to the Senegalese Government: Renovation of the Dakar-Bamako railroad and Construction of Tambacounda-Matam railroad line, and Construction of the Port in deep waters near Mbour for deeper than 20km of that of Dakar’s.

In summary, Yildirim Group is poised to be a long time partner in expediting the growth and prosperity of Africa.

Summarized from various African press sources which appeared during the visit.

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